1. How do you think the Bulls will fare with Rose out for the rest of the playoffs

Tom: I think Rose will for sure be missed but I still believe that the bulls are the deepest team in the playoffs and I still think they can make it out of the east.


Luke: I don’t see them getting out of the east. They can get passes Philidelphia and maybe Boston or Atlanta, but without Rose they won’t beat Miami in a series.


John: I was always a little hesitant about the Bulls. And now without D Rose, I think they will beat the 76ers, but after that I really can’t say. They will really need to rely on the bench.


  1. What do you think of the seven game suspension for Meta World Peace for his elbow on James Harden?

Tom: I think that is a fair number. It takes one our your better players out for almost an entire post-season series, that is a very harsh punishment.

Luke: He should have gotten more just based on his history. The guy is a nutcase and he should have been suspended at least double what he got.

John: I think Metta should have been suspended for the rest of the season. That was a blatant elbow and considering his history, he should be out for the playoffs. 


  1. What grade do you give the Bears draft class?

Tom: I give them a C. It seems like they got some good young talent, but at the same time they drafted guys with injury and character questions, and did not address the offensive line which is a huge concern.

Luke: I give them a B. I like the picks of Alshon Jeffery and Shea McClelin, but I wanted to see them address the offensive line at some point.

John: I feel like the Bears drafted really well. They filled a few voids that they needed. I feel like they should’ve pick up some offensive linemen, so I’ll give the Bears a B