What to wear: rainy days

by Rohaina Hassan


There’s a light patter of rain on the window as you look outside of your classroom. You’re dreading that minute class ends and you have to walk to your car. You glance at the screen on your phone; it’s the beginning of April. Spring is a time to renew, cleanse and be prepared for all types of weather. Nobody wants to go all out on these days. It’s all about comfort, but still looking cute. For these couple weeks, the best things to invest in are: a trench coat or field jacket, rain boots, long sleeve t-shirts and a pair of jeans or leggings.

The field jacket is a trend inspired from army wear, but has been updated for a more modern and versatile look. These jackets are light enough to wear in warmer-than-winter weather, but are made of a material that withstands the rain and wind. Generally, the colors range from neutrals such as green to beige.

Another option is the trench coat, which is a true classic that has made appearances in every shape and form in many movies, fashion shows and stores. Trench coats offer a classier look in comparison to the edgier look the field jacket provides.

Underneath these jackets, to stay slightly warm you can try out some lightweight t-shirts with long sleeves to make sure you’re warm but not burning up under so many layers. If the jackets are neutral colors, you can go for stripes or colorful tees. If the jackets are more colorful, make sure to pair them with a more neutral tee. Another variable for t-shirts is the length. If you want to wear leggings, get a longer and looser t-shirt so it completes the comfy look. With jeans, the shirt can be shorter and even more fitted.

Obviously, the shoes are the most integral part of this season. Rain boots are obviously your best bet, but if you don’t want to wear those you can definitely try whatever you are comfortable with. Possibly check out combat boots, boat shoes, or even some lace-ups.