by Harjot Sangha



After surviving a semester of sleepless nights, hard work and studying, there are now only three weeks separating summer break 2012 from us. Summer is a time marked with fun trips, sunburn, friends, family and a whole lot of fun. Amidst the relaxation part of summer, there is often pressure to do more than just have fun and enjoy ourselves. It probably does not sound too appealing now to do something during summer break, but in most cases, it is the right thing to do. Here are some ideas that will help you utilize your time wisely and not only make your summer fun, but also productive!

Summer school: After a tiresome two semesters of academia, of all things, summer school is probably the last thing any student would want to commit to. However, summer school is a great opportunity for students to get caught up with classes. It also gives students the chance to simply get ahead and have a lighter course load the proceeding semester. Summer school is also a great opportunity for students to take a class that they normally would not be able to during the year, such as an emergency medical technician for aspiring physicals or a culinary course for the inner chef in all of us.

Volunteering/shadowing: With all the extra time available, summer is a fantastic time to volunteer and shadow. Many majors and professional schools require some sort of volunteering and shadowing, so the summer is a great time to get those hours in so you do not have to struggle to do them during the school year.

Summer job/ internship/ research: One thing that all students always need is money! And what can be a better way to have a steady income than a job. Students not only build their resume with a summer job, but speaking from experience, a part time job also helps develop many necessary skills. Finding an internship or research opportunity are also great options for the summer and can help one along the road also.

Last and definitely not least, do not forget to enjoy your summer. Take trips, go to the beach, enjoy the weather, and spend time with those that truly will make your summer fun and memorable.

Supposedly, this is the last summer we will ever enjoy considering the world is coming to a catastrophic end in December. Even though many of us may not believe that, it does remind us to live life to the fullest and make the most of the time we have, especially summer 2012!