Last sequel to “American Pie” hits big screen

By Tarik Hrvo



It’s been 12 years since the American Pie series was started in 1999, and it has returned for one last laugh with its final piece titled “American Reunion”. Popularly known as “The Hangover” of the 2000’s, the American Pie series has become a worldwide pop culture phenomenon over the past decade. It has provided a lot of comedy to its audiences over the years, and the latest sequel does not disappoint. The film brings back the same hilarious characters as in the first three films, as Stifler, Jim, Kevin, Oz, and Finch are all back and at it again with their usual pranks and antics.

Though the same characters are introduced, it’s a different story this time around. In “American Reunion”, the crew returns to town for their class of ‘99 high school reunion. Things are drastically different now compared to how it was in the past, as many are now adults and have responsibilities like marriage and children. Many conflicts arise as the once-boys and now-men realize that it isn’t how it used to be anymore in high school. Past relationships are rekindled, as well as old memories.

I have the seen the movie and as a fan of the series it was definitely enjoyable. I would have to say it is not better than the first three, but it was still nice to see everyone back together again one last time. I would recommend this movie to anyone who grew up watching the American Pie movies or movies similar to it like “The Hangover” and other comedies. It is not required that you’ve seen the first three movies of the series as most of the movie is about a new part of their lives. Anyone that enjoys comedies should like this movie.