Money Smart Week promotes financial literacy for students

By Taylor Hoppe


During the week of April 21-28, the College of Business in conjunction with US Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, is hosting Money Smart Week. The annual event consists of two events held on BenU’s campus taking place on Tuesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 26.

“I find that [college students] are a neglected population,” says Undergraduate Business and Mangement Instructor Vicki Jobst about how important Money Smart Week is for college-aged students. “There’s a lot of efforts [to educate Kindergarten] through 12th [grade], but not as much for our college population.”

According to Jobst, Money Smart Week has taken place for approximately 10 years and this is the fifth year DuPage County will be participating. “During the week, any group of experts have put on seminars for all ages.”

A financial literacy video and discussion will take place at BenU on April 24 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Scholl 101. “This year we’re showing a video called ‘Maxed Out.’ It talks about what can happen if you don’t manage your credit cards well enough,” explains Jobst.

She continues that there may also be a few other short films showed during the event. “I’m hoping we’ll show the videos and then have a little discussion after,” says Jobst. Cash prizes will be given out and pizza will also be provided for those who attend.

On April 26, there will be a Financial Literacy Face-Off from 7-9 p.m. in Krasa ABC. Jobst says this is the first time a competition like this will be held during Money Smart Week. She continues that there will be an online financial literacy game chosen and four teams will compete against each other for bank card prizes. Light refreshments will be provided during this event.

To get the rest of the community involved, Jobst says that she has invited each student to pick a faculty or staff member as a lifeline to be present during the Financial Literacy Face-Off.

“Every [first place] team member will get $100 each on a bank card, second place team members will get a $50 bank card and the third and fourth place [participants] will get $25 each on a bank card,” explains Jobst.

Students are able to sign up for the Financial Literacy Face-Off until April 20.

“I know that for the people that attend, the events will help them with their money. I don’t want students at Benedictine to graduate and not be smart with their money. There are so many consequences to that,” says Jobst.

More information on Money Smart Week can be found by visiting There are also pamphlets listing other events taking place during Money Smart Week in DuPage County.