Editorial: Giving back goes a long way

By Eman Sahloul



Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of participating in AMSA’s third annual Fun Run 5K event and must say that I’m still struggling to climb up and down the stairs. HomeCare Physicians is a nationally-recognized medical house call program for the homebound patients. All the funds collected from the run are contributed to reduce the hospitalization costs for the homebound.

At first, I must admit, I had never taken into consideration the amount of impact a two-hour run and some generous donations can have and to be completely honest, I had not thought (as naïve as this may sound)that homebound patients were in need of such financial aid.
Several minutes before the race, Dr. Thomas Cornwell, a representative of HomeCare Physicians, explained that last year’s 5K run had raised $2,000; that $2,000 had helped a homebound elderly woman attain her vision back after struggling for years with cataracts.

It was this simple statement that made me really think about the small efforts each and every one of us can make to help another person live a normal life, sometimes without even realizing it. The 5K run was literally an hour long. That’s it. And because of that one hour, a woman is able to walk without an escort, read, see her family.
We at the Candor strongly encourage every BenU student to take part in small, effortless events and organizations that are geared towards helping others. Whether it be building a house through Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at a food depository, or simply organizing a group of friends and registering for a breast cancer awareness marathon. It calls for little to no effort on your part and the satisfaction you feel after helping is irreplaceable.

Yes, the school year is winding extremely quickly and tests, essays and anxiety levels are all piling up. But we want to encourage you to participate in as many events as possible during the summer. Take advantage of this time to look beyond yourself and out into the world around you. We often think that our lives are worse than anyone else’s, but in reality, most of us are more fortunate than we realize. If nothing else, we have been given the opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge- the greatest opportunity any of us can have.

Our world today is so self-centered. In a culture where Facebook likes and Twitter followers common our attention, where celebrities are role models, let’s begin to look outward- lest we forget that it is our duty to leave this world in a better state than how we found it.