Poetry Slam gives people chance to show creativity

by Rabia Choudhry



The literature department is hosting the Open Mic and Poetry Slam Event for anyone who would like to volunteer to read poetry.  Anyone can share their poetry and those not interested in reading can still participate by submitting poems written by them.

“The whole purpose is just to share the love of the language and your thoughts and enjoying the company of the people and to provide a great socializing event,” said senior Connor Caplice.

The poetry event, which will take place on Apr. 26, will be held in Coal Ben from 7-9 p.m. It will be free and is open to everyone. is divided into two rounds; Open Mic and Poetry Slam, so participants are encouraged to bring at least two poems. Even those who do not have an interest in poetry are highly encouraged to attend.

“The audience we attract is also terrific,” shared Wilson Chen, associate professor of Languages and Literature. “Many, many people turn out for the event, and even those who say they don’t really ‘like’ poetry end up having an amazing time.”

Open Mic will start at 7 p.m., and participants will have the chance to read the poems written by them, their friends or to share their favorite poems. During the Open Mic session, winners will receive gift cards.

Poetry Slam is the actual judging competition following the Open Mic at 8 pm. People with original pieces of work are the only ones able to participate.  It is another event where students and staff can share their work and be appreciated for their work.

“Poetry Slam gives a vast amount of opportunity to students and community to share their ideas and thoughts and the great thing is that it provides a unique environment to the new comers to present in front of people,” shared junior Sean Gill.

This Event has been a great success in the past, as far as attendance and creativity is concerned.

“Our previous events have been extremely successful in bringing out the creativity of our students and in showcasing many different kinds of poetry,” added Chen.

There will also be first, second and third place winners. Winners will be awarded with gift cards or other gifts. Judges can be faculty, staff members or even fellow students, and winners will be judged based on the creativity and originality of the poems. However, those poems that are most successful engage the audience and have fun.

“There is a slight hesitation in the beginning, but the audience is pretty supportive,” commented senior Samuel Kloppmann. “Overall, it’s a great event to attend and something that will get bigger and successful in the coming years.”

“This Poetry Slam offers a great avenue for self-expression, for allowing students to share their creativity and giving them the chance to socialize with various people,” explained Caplice.

Everyone is highly encouraged to participate or at least attend and appreciate the creativity.

“The open mic and slam really bring out a different part of our campus culture. During the daytime when everyone is busy working nd attending classes, you might not see all of the creativity in our campus community,” said Chen. “At these events, creativity flourishes. It’s beautiful to see and to be a part of. We especially encourage first-time readers to share something at the Open Mic. The audience is always very supportive.”