International Programs to hold Global Awards Dinner

by Stacy De Leon


International Programs will be sponsoring their Second Annual Global Awards Dinner to recognize those who have contributed to helping BenU become diverse not only at the University, but in the community as well.

“The Global Awards Dinner is acknowledging about eight to 10 students, staff and faculty members. Some of the awards will be Outstanding International Education Award, Global Initiative Award and Global Student Award,” said Daphne Francois, International Student Advisor and Program Manager. “We want to acknowledge those who make it happen.”

There have been 20 nominees for the various awards. International Programs, along with a committee of people from different departments, will decide who will win the awards. Nominees have contributed by helping international students feel welcome and comfortable at the university, and others have worked to bring cultural awareness outside of BenU.

“As far as the Global Awards, it’s a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge those members of our Benedictine community as leaders in multicultural affairs,” said junior Alex Fridge. “It is good to see who has made an impact in our community.”

The committee decided to choose the award winners in a non- traditional way.

“Usually, when you think of an award, and you have an award title and then you think of a person,” shared Francois. “But we did the opposite. We thought about the person and then put a title to the award so it’s really specialized.”

“We not only work with international students, but we represent the intercultural diverse culture on campus,” said Executive Director of Global and Intercultural Education Carol Swett.

“It is a recognition of our whole campus and how it is an example of global and international community,” Swett added. “It is to acknowledge those who take learning out of the classroom and to recognize students who look at themselves as not only students in the academic community, not only in the Benedictine community, but in the community of the world.”

The dinner will also include five students that are going to perform, a special guest from the North Park Step Team and the multicultural show.

“We usually celebrate international education week and end the week with the multicultural show, but this year we decided to have it at the Global Awards Dinner,” explained Francois. “We wanted it to be like Emmys so there will be an awards dinner and a show.”

The event will take place on Apr. 19 in Krasa at 7 p.m.