International Programs aids in studying abroad

by Taylor Hoppe



The International Programs Office is participating in a scholarship giveaway for students. Sponsored by CEA Global Education, students can earn a $5,000 scholarship towards their study abroad program for fall 2012.

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is Apr. 15.

“Based on the website, there’s only 24 people who have entered [to win the scholarship] this year,” says Education Abroad Coordinator Marc Davidson.

The CEA is a third party provider that offers programs throughout the world to locations including England, China, Spain and a number of other countries.

“This scholarship focuses solely for their organization,” explained Davidson.  This means students must be studying through the CEA program to receive the scholarship. These programs can be offered by visiting

“In addition to these scholarships, there are many opportunities to get money for students going abroad,” commented Davidson.

He explains that the International Programs Office works with multiple organizations that offer scholarships for various locations worldwide, including non-traditional locations such as Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.  Financial assistance is also offered to students studying languages such as Chinese and Arabic.

Davidson also says that students have an opportunity to apply to be teaching assistants in the country they are studying in. Often times, these students teach English while tudying abroad.

“Organizations like Fulbright offer research and scholar programs abroad for students,” commented Davidson.

Students interested in these programs are urged to visit

Benedictine has agreements with 18 institutions in 10 different countries, according to Davidson. These bilateral exchange agreements utilized when BenU sends two students abroad and the partnering institution sends two students to BenU to study.

He also says if students go through third-party organizations like CEA, none of the financial aid they receive at Benedictine will transfer to their tuition abroad. However, students who apply to study at institutions that BenU partners with, all financial aid that they receive, including Benedictine scholarships, state and federal aid and presidential awards, will go towards the tuition at the institution they are studying at. This offer may help cut the costs of studying abroad.

“[Students] would essentially be paying the exact same thing they’re paying now, plus airfare and living costs,” added Davidson.  He also explains that by studying abroad at a partnering institution, students are able to earn credits that will go towards their major, minor and core curriculum.

By going through an outside organization, credits are not always guaranteed to transfer back to Benedictine.

“We do our best to make sure they [transfer back], but sometimes it doesn’t always fit towards your major, it doesn’t always fit towards your minor,” added Davidson. “The partnership program works in a way that those credits will transfer.”

Currently, Davidson says there are eight students studying abroad for the semester, and there are approximately six students studying abroad over the summer. There were also two faculty-supervised programs that traveled to Cuba and China. These trips totaled 22 students.

“There’s a number of students going abroad each year and we’re always hoping more will go abroad,” says Davidson.