Health fair to provide healthcare to the uninsured

by Stacy De Leon



Health Policy Action Committee (HPAC) will be hosting its first Health Fair Event, which aims towards providing healthcare to those without insurance. In addition, the event is intended to provide educational lectures and volunteer opportunities for BenU students.

“The doctors will have little check ups for the community,” shared HPAC President Sameer Syed. “If there is something someone wants to get checked out, they can come. It is basically a clinic hosted at BenU along with informational lectures.”

“There are other reasons that make this event important; for example: volunteer opportunities for students, educating both the students and the community about available medical resources especially for people without health insurance interaction with medical professionals,” added senior Fatima Ansari.

The students that are planning to become doctors will have the opportunity to learn more about the profession with this event.

“The students will have a chance to interact with the doctors and they will be able to give them a lot of insight into the future,” Syed added. “Students can ask any questions, and there will be lectures for those who will be at the event.”

“I hope to sustain this event for the coming years at Benedictine University, especially because we are known for our amazing science and biology department,” said Ansari. “It’s a great opportunity for students to learn about the medical profession.”

The Care and Compassion Network will provide doctors and residents to attend this event.

“Their [Care and Compassion Network] mission is to provide access and affordable healthcare to the uninsured and to promote health awareness. They really coincide with what we really want to do,” commented Syed. “The school has been wanting this for a while.”

“Care and Compassion really helped us, and what we want to do as future health providers is mimick the compassion that they show,” added Syed.

Syed says that when HPAC contacted the Care and Compassion Network, they were overjoyed and now are sending head doctors with a team of residents.  This event is also intended to be a way to contribute to helping the community.

“It is critical for our students to give back to our community,” said Marco Masini, vice president of Student Life. “The skills and knowledge they have obtained from Benedictine University requires them to pay it forward.”

“This health fair is important because it gives us and other BU students an opportunity to give back to the society. I strongly believe in using our knowledge and resources to help the needy,” explained Ansari. “For this reason, this event is open to the community and we are really hoping to make a difference.”

The Health Fair Event will take place on Apr. 21 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. in Birck Tellabs Room 112. This event is open to the everyone in the community.