Embracing the arts

by Stacy De Leon



Eulalio Fabie de Silva, artist, photographer and graphic designer will feature his show “Meditations on the Figure” on the first floor of Kindlon until the end of June.


de Silva was originally born in the Philippines, but now is now a resident in Chicago. He was the first of 4 siblings and emigrated to the United States in 1980. His father is also an artist, who influenced him all throughout his life.


“It is a personal quest in exploration and expressionism. One thing also aside from exterior influences was my father who was a self-taught artist who is still very active in painting,” shared de Silva. “The inevitable influence from my father is a unique perspective, angle and life from which I have benefited from.”


“It is a symbiosis coming from a strong-family structure of the Philippines, Filipino life and culture,” he added.


de Silva influences are expressive and figure narrative, but not realistic. To find inspiration, he spends a lot of time meditating and practicing eastern religion. Some famous artists that have influenced him are Joan Mitchell and David Park.


“The Meditations on the Figure as the title of this show is also a quasi- retrospective of my work from the early 90s to the current that while still evolving from the figure and environmental relationships, it is still speak of universal truths, only twisted in different concepts and themes,” commented de Silva.


BenU’s Artist Collection Curator, Teresa Parker, chose his work because to her, his pieces are able to naturally stand out for its color and expressive brush strokes.


“I feel honored and humbled by the invitation [to have a show],” commented de Silva.


“I selected his work because he is still a relatively young and developing artist and he would relate to the students’ interests. I also selected him because the students at Benedictine University would be exposed to a different style of painting,” commented Parker.


Students, staff and faculty members have shown positive feedback to his work.


“I see the joy of painting in Eulalio’s work, a search like the artist Giacometti for the truth in the human form, the essence of being. He imbeds symbols that let the viewer ponder their own connections to the subject. I appreciate his gestural line and unbridled enthusiasm for the medium,” enthused Parker.


“The students and faculty, staff have overwhelmingly responded to Eulalio’s work for it’s vibrancy, expressiveness and subject. Many people stopped and asked me about his work. They asked if it was the work of one of our students. Everyone says how much they love it,” she added.


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