Summer Lovin’

By Andreana Holowatyj



Many students are spending their April staring at the calendar with a marker in hand crossing out and counting down the days until May 12th: the triumphant and exciting start of the epic summer of 2012.

Why call it epic? Well, that’s simple. With all the options of what to do over the months of June, July and August, there will be a plethora of memorable experiences for everyone.

1. People plan their schedules around different concerts and festivals. Many look forward to Country Thunder or Lollapalooza.

2. For the nerd in us all, some are offered and awarded fellowships for research projects. Others receive internships in the business world. Whether at Benedictine or other institutions, these offers provide undergraduates with unique opportunities to further their experience and an insight for the future.

3. Nothing in America these days is cheap, and gasoline prices already soared to over $4.00 per gallon. With brutal class schedules throughout the semester, summer is the prime time to find a local job and earn an income.

4. Relish time at home. Whether family barbecues or Fourth of July parties, catching up with hometown friends that have drifted apart is always good. All are perfect possibilities if one is spending time at home.

5. Travel the world. The three words present a daunting task, but why not? Catch a plane and conquer new continents. Whether to the gorgeous settings of New Zealand or the European cityscape of Prague, new cultures are just an ocean away!

6. School. Well, some certainly can’t escape the excitement of classes year round or are trying to stay on track for graduation. Whether traveling abroad for a summer month or taking online courses, it helps speed up the path towards graduation and the ‘real world’.

7. Take time out for others. Volunteering isn’t just a service project for a semester class. It’s making a difference in any community and helping others. Whether a charity project or weekly commitments, each attempt improves the life of at least one other person.

8. If the suggestion to travel the world was too magnanimous, then take a road trip. Pack up the car, throw in some friends and visit another state or scenery. The Rocky Mountains in the West present a perfect path for whitewater rafting. Cottages near lakes in the Midwest are peaceful, and well, there’s always a party in Miami. In any direction you drive, there’s bound to be an adventure.

9. Looking for an adventure close to home? Then search no further than downtown Chicago. Whether it’s taking advantage of free museum days, strolling Navy Pier, a beach day at the lake or exploring the shops on Michigan Avenue, there’s plenty to do nearby!

10. Sports, sports and sports! Summer is filled with heaps of sporting events in every major city. Why not take advantage? Whether it be a pro league or a club team, any time spent with a group together in the crowd and stands is sure to be an entertaining time!

This brief list spans ten simple suggestions of how to occupy time this summer and keep busy! This list just brings about added anticipation for this countdown to conclude and summer to officially be here already! In the meantime, there’s surviving exams, papers, a brutal week of finals and finishing the semester on a positive note. So until then, this list remains just that…suggestions on a piece of paper.