Style inspiration: Elizabeth Olsen

By Rohaina Hassan


When the name Olsen pops up, people automatically jump to Mary-Kate and Ashley. However, in the spotlight is a different Olsen: Elizabeth Olsen. Just as trendy, if not more, Elizabeth has started to take on the Hollywood scene slowly. She has starred in movies all across the board, but namely her debut is credited to the movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene”. Not only is she succeeding in the movie industry, but she has also been seen all over fashion magazines and blogs as a style inspiration.

Currently, Elizabeth is crushing on Marni, Celine, Proenza Schouler and Carven. It is not expected to know the names, but everyone loves her style and it’s going to be that much easier to emulate her. She is a good structure to base your wardrobe on because she hits all the essentials and stays classic. A key secret to fashion? Don’t always stay on trend. Buy things that will last, because style isn’t trendy. It’s something you develop as a person. Inspiration can be drawn from current trends, but make sure to tailor it specifically to yourself. Do not limit yourself to ideas that someone else has prescribed.

In a recent street style image, she was seen donning deep brown leggings with a white button-up (refer to last week’s article!) and a leather vest on top. For accessories, she took out the old fedora, some wing-tip loafers and a big black hobo style purse. For an outfit like this, check out the usual haunts such as H&M, Forever 21 and Target. There you can get the leggings, purse and even the fedora. Your next stop should be places that are known for extraordinary quality such as Nordstrom and Macy’s for your button-up and loafers. Shoes should not be bought out of accessibility, but for long lasting wear. Invest in a good pair and these are a comfortable alternative to flats. For a button-up, this will be a versatile piece in your wardrobe, so be sure to invest in one that will last you a while.

Stay tuned as more of Elizabeth Olsen’s movies come out and as she struts her style down the streets of Hollywood.