1. Is Hector Santiago a good choice for the Sox closer?

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor- He’s young, but he has the stuff to do it. Not many lefties have a pitch that breaks away from the right-handed hitters, but Santiago has that. You need that as a closer.

Mark Rubel- Guest Writer– I think it is too early to tell, but I am more willing to try him at closer than taking Thornton and Crain out of their roles. My choice would have been Addison Reed.

Tom Brown- Staff Writer– I think that Matt Thornton is the better choice for the Sox closer. He has proved to be a reliable reliever throughout his career.


2. How big of a concern are the struggles of Carlos Marmol?

Luke– It is a concern, but this is the same song and dance for over a year now. Marmol’s expiration date as an effective closer has passed, and the Cubs should try to deal him soon while he still has value.

Mark– I think his problems are a major concern for Cub fans. He is wild, and everytime I watch him, it seems like he is always close to blowingor blows a save. If I was a hitter, I would wait for a fastball and make him prove he can get his slider over for a strike.

Tom- The struggles of Carlos Marmol are very concerning. He has been unable to throw a strike for over a year now, and the Cubs can’t keep ruining good outings by their starters. His struggles also downgrade his value if the Cubs are looking to trade him come July.


3. Will the Hawks win their first round playoff series? And how many games will it go?


Luke– The Hawks are playing well at the right time and have more talent than Phoenix. The Hawks win in six games.

Mark– I’m not a huge Hawks or hockey fan in general, but I think anything can happen in the NHL playoffs. I am going to take our Chicago Blackhawks to pull off an upset in four games.

Tom– I think the Hawks play well in the first round, but not well enough. I say they lose in six games.