Editorial: Remember the little things

By The Candor Editorial Board

It’s that time of year again. When the memory of a month of all that hard work fades away into your grandmother’s juicy roast lamb. When the breath of spring brings in the all-too-welcome colors of pastel greens, yellows and pinks. Easter.

But what the Candor would like to encourage you to do is rewind just a little bit and think about Lent. What did you change about your daily lifestyle and did it have a positive effect on you, even if you didn’t realize it at the time (everything seemed to be brutally tempting at the time)?

Did you avoid sweets and pop and lost a couple of pounds, did you avoid texting in class and begin understanding chapters more, did you reduce the amount of cursing you do with interaction with friends?

Well, we at the Candor would like to challenge you to keep up these positives changes and good deeds for another month or two.      

If small changes like avoiding coke and texting in class instigated positive results, why change? If it’s too difficult, then moderate. Drink coke and eat dessert once a week instead of once a day. Try to turn off your phone in at least half of your classes so that you’re not tempted to login into Facebook. If it helps, team up with a friend. Before you know it, these changes will just become a daily habit.  Healthy habits become routine after a few short weeks and we promise you won’t regret making the changes.  

It’s interesting though, that we struggled so much for such little things like coke and sweets and texting. Little things that really in the long run hurt us. Why?  Why is it more difficult to make positive changes in our life? Think about it.      

Life is short and we need to take advantage of every moment and every blessing we have daily.           

Instead of surfing on facebook in your dorm for two hours munching on Doritos, go chill outside, run, play volleyball. Sign up to volunteer at a food pantry or a nursing home, study harder, prioritize your goals, and most importantly remain patient and smile.

These petty things you let go of during Lent, why hold on to them when there are so many other beautiful aspects of this world that we ignore constantly? Lent isn’t simply about avoiding or fasting from something. It’s about remembering the blessings that we do have.  Don’t let the gift of life pass you by.  Take a moment and just breathe in the air around you. Appreciate.