BenU athletics talk on the dial?: Two students start sports talk radio show

by Tom Brown



ESPN 1000, 670 The Score, Benedictine University?

Yes you heard right, Benedictine University will now have its very own sports talk radio show hosted by current students Mark Rubel and Luke Stanczyk.

The show, titled “Raising the Bar,” will air every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-10:50 a.m. and can be heard on The show will cover both national and local sports, and 10 minutes of every show will be specifically devoted to coverage of BenU athletics.

“We will try to bring people all the news going on in the sports world,” co-host Mark Rubel said. “We also plan on having a member from a BenU team on the show every week, whether it’s an athlete or a coach.”

“Raising the Bar” is no new project for Stanczyk and Rubel, as the two have been hosting the show since late August in Chicago.

“An opportunity came to me when I was searching for an internship this past summer,” said Rubel. “I found an internet radio station called Slam Internet Radio, and two weeks into the internship, I asked [the owner] if my friend Luke and I could have our own show. So, Luke and I sent him the idea, and he loved it.”

As the show developed into a success, Rubel and Stanczyk thought of other plans for it.

“Although we loved doing the show, traveling to Chicago every week and paying to do our own show was giving us other ideas.” Rubel said. “We decided to try and do it at our school, so we talked to the athletic department and they thought this could be a real possibility.”

Rubel and Stanczyk believe that the show will have a positive reaction from the BenU community.

“I feel like interviews with coaches and athletes will get current students as well as alumni talking about our show,” Rubel said. “We have something for everybody and I encourage people at Benedictine as well as their friends and family to listen to our show.”

To listen, go to and search “Raising the Bar” and find the channel titled “Rubes5.”