Helpful tips for fall registration

By Stacy De Leon


Students began signing up for fall classes early this week. To help make the process less stressful students are encouraged to plan accordingly. There has also been a Fall Registration Guide created to give a step-by-step description of what students need to do.

“We have heard that the biggest error by students is that they do not prepare by identifying their holds and do not visit their advisors a couple of weeks before their registration time,” shared Marco Masini associate vice president of student life. “Students should also allow some time to schedule an appointment with advisors. There needs to be planning.”

“Students need to clear all holds off of their account. If they have a financial hold they need to see student accounts,” explained Director of New Student Advising, Karen Campana “If they have a health hold, see health services. If they have a library hold, see the library. All students will have an advisor hold until they meet with their advisor.”

Some students have been proactive about meeting with their advisors.

“It is important to register with your advisors as soon as possible. I have been waiting in my advisor’s office for 45 minutes already,” said junior Michelle Busse.

“I highly suggest students checking their shopping chart the night before registration and again logging into the system by 6:30 in the morning of their registration date. If something is filled they need to select another course. Always have options for courses,” added Campana.

Students with experience in registering feel that waking up early is good practice.

Sophomore Andrew Schroeder said, “On my day of registration, I sit in front of my computer and hit enroll one minute prior to 7 a.m.. It comes down to who can press the ‘enroll’ button the fastest.”

The Fall Registration Guide is an aid to help students take care of issues prior to their registration date. The guide can be found all throughout campus.

“We instituted this [the Fall Registration Guide] with the elimination of the course booklet commented Masini. “Since the success of the course booklet being viewed online, we received feedback from students that one of the main enjoyments of the [paper] booklet was the worksheet, where students were able to plan out their schedule. So we instituted the guide with the worksheet.”

According to Masini, at this time the online course book will be continuing.

Campana added, “The paper course schedule was a marketing tool for our current students which was outdated as soon as it was sent to print. The course schedule is constantly evolving therefore for the most up to date information students should use the MyBenU system.”

If students feel concerned about registration they can contact their advisors, enrollment services and the Student Success Center or visit <> .