To-do list before death

There are many ways to attain happiness in this life. Having a bucket list can be an easy way to map out future goals and dreams. Photo by Sarah Jaber.

By Kiran Munir


Death and taxes are the two inevitable things in the world.  Although avoiding either one is impossible, the first one serves as a ticker on the length of one’s life. So why not maximize enjoyment before it is snatched away? The moment a baby is born, death inevitably starts to inch closer.  So here are some must-do things before expiring:

  1. Like to travel and see the whole world? Then do it—literally! Plan to set a foot on each of the seven continents. Yes, even Antarctica. Although it may seem nearly impossible, people do hike the vast glaciers of Antarctica.
  2. Learn another language. Knowing more than one language can give an advantage over other individuals in job opportunities.  Without a doubt, this takes much patience and diligence. It’s easier than ever to become fluent thanks to many resources that are now available to ease the process of learning a new language.  And it is never too late to begin—so start today!
  3. Climb one of the world’s top 10 peaks. Yes, it may be a bit high, but the feeling of scanning miles and miles below is a feeling that cannot be replaced. The feeling of taking a deep breath at the top of the summit will diminish the fear of standing hundreds of miles above sea level.
  4. Explore the vast jungles of Africa.  Its interior is filled with lush plants and exotic species of animals.  This region is lightly visited and hence most of natural life is preserved and is a life-changing experience.
  5. Cross the country utilizing only public transportation.  Sure, using a private car to travel or flying straight to destination makes it easy to cross 500 miles; but, using public transportation will expose anyone to the true cultural differences across the nation.
  6. Travel Europe without using an airplane. European countries are closely packed together, which enables the greatest amount of amusement without losing much time. Be sure to visit every capital in each country of the continent because the cities contain beautiful architecture and diverse cultures.
  7. Attend at least one Olympic game. Everyone must acknowledge that the Olympics are one of the most planned events on the planet and would be completely worth attending!
  8. Skydive. It provides much thrills and an incredible adrenaline rush. Jumping out of the plane actually feels like flying with wings.
  9. Live like a local for a month in a culture of interest. The experience of living like a local will enable the deep understanding and insight into the culture, which years of observing could not even reveal.
  10.  Reproduce. Yes, this seems silly, but having kids passes an undamaged legacy of an individual onward.  Experience the shrill of innocent laughter, the first hesitant step and the first syllable of ma/da. Wait a while for this one if you’re in college, there’s no need to rush.