1. Will Kevin Durant win the NBA MVP?

Tom Brown- Staff Writer- I think that Kevin Durant will win the MVP just slightly above LeBron James this year. His team has a slightly better record and has a better overall standing with the media than LeBron.

John Pierri- Staff Writer- Kevin Durant is a great player, but I think OKC would still succeed without him because of Westbrook and the addition of the veteran Fisher.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor– He should, and I think he will. It’s between him and LeBron, and since the Heat are struggling to win road games, that should give KD the edge.


2. How far will the Hawks go in the playoffs?

Tom – I think that the Hawks can make a deep run in the playoffs. They have the post-season experience and seem to be over their midseason funk.

John– Jonathan Towes has been cleared for contact and will start the post-season healthy. With him, the Hawks can at least win the West.

Luke – I’m no hockey expert, but I do know the Hawks have a ton of talent. I think they can win their first round series despite being the lower seed, but after that, it will be tough for them if they have to play a team like Detroit or Vancouver without home ice.


3. What are your opinions on the MLB starting the year with two games in Japan?

Tom– I do not like how the Major League Baseball season starts in Japan. The sport is called America’s Pastime, and in order for that name to hold up, it has to actually be played in America.

John– It doesn’t seem like many people care about those games, and I’m one of them. They just seem like exhibition games. Why start the season a week before everyone else?

Luke– I’m ok with the actual idea, but at least televise the games in the United States! Plus, why have them a full week before the rest of the season starts? It’s strange to see Oakland and Seattle go to Japan to play regular season games, then come back and play a few more spring training games.