Steam picking up for a wrestling club

by Luke Stanczyk


Soon, Benedictine may be adding a new club sport to its list.

Campus recreation currently does not have wrestling program, but that could change in the future as group of Benedictine students are planning to start a club wrestling team. The plan is to begin next year as a club sport, with the hopes of becoming a sanctioned sport somewhere down the line.

“We are going through the National College Wrestling Association (NCWA), which is not a part of bust still works with the NCAA for club teams to become NCAA varsity teams,” said freshman Justin Blankenship, one of the students pushing to establish the sport. “If the program is successful, then hopefully we would like it to eventually become a Division III team.”

Blankenship, along with students Alex Felske and Brad Minogue, have worked on garnering interest from students in recent months, and according to Blankenship, interest has been high.

“The student interest is more than I expected,” said Blankenship. “I’ve been in contact with people I don’t even know on campus that are interested in it because it puts you in great shape and can have an impact on how you view obstacles in life.”

Campus Recreation and NCAA Compliance Coordinator Emily Payne there is a place for wrestling as a club sport, but in order to become an actual club sport, there is a process wrestling must go through.

“Students need to contact me so we can see if their idea for a club would be feasible and what would be involved since all sport clubs are so different,” Payne said. “I believe a wrestling sport club could be a great addition to what campus rec offers the students if we can make it work.”

While Blankenship and the others do have previous wrestling experience, it is not required.

“There are students who haven’t wrestled before that are interested and want to give it a shot,” Blankenship said.

If you have any interest in joining the wrestling team, contact the Candor.