From the sidelines: March 28

1. Did the Saints get fair punishments for “bounty gate”?

Tom Brown- Staff Writer– I think that the punishments for the Saints were justified. The NFL wants to make sure something like this never happens again, and a punishment like this ensures that.

John Pierri- Staff Writer– I didn’t even think about Sean Payton being punished, let alone for the entire season. They were harsh, but rightly so.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor– Absolutely. It’s one thing to do what they did, but it’s another thing to lie about it for three years. Everyone got what they deserved, and the players involved should get hefty punishments as well.


2. Will the Tim Tebow trade workout for the Jets?

Tom– I do think the Tebow experiment will work. The guy is a proven winner and does whatever it takes to get the W. We will see something similar with the Jets that we saw in Denver.

John– I don’t understand what the Jets are trying to accomplish with Tebow. Are they just trying to compete with Lin-sanity?

Luke– I see this becoming a train wreck. How can a backup quarterback be a “locker room leader”? If he’s not the leader on the field, how can he be off of it? Mark Sanchez is already a fragile mind as well, so this won’t do wonders for his confidence.


3. What do you make of Matt Forte’s twitter rant?

Tom– Matt Forte needs to stay off of twitter. It’s one thing to want to get paid, but it’s another thing to complain to the media about it. All his tweeting is doing is making him look more like a whiner and less like a professional.

John– As much as I believe Matt Forte should get paid, I don’t feel his tweet was necessary. He will get his contract. Michael Bush is just a contingency plan.

Luke– I get he wants to get paid, but the timing of it was horrible. He should be excited his team just got better and signed a good player to back him up, not angry that another man got paid. For the first time, Forte looks selfish.