Donor Awareness Month at BenU: Students show their appreciation to Benedictine’s donors

by Kulsum Musani

Ribbons located around the school remind students of Donor Awareness Month during March and how they can help through donating. Photo by Sarah Jaber.


From Mar. 15 to Apr. 15, the Office of Stewardship Development is hosting “Donor Awareness Month” to honor of all those who have supported the University. It will allow students to share their appreciation to the donors of Benedictine.

“Donors are extremely important to the University and our students because they carry on the mission, vision and values of the Benedictine community,” stated Jessica Stillo, associate director for stewardship at BenU. “Through their generosity, they ensure that the campus continues to grow, expand and educate the brightest minds in our community.”

Over 500 ribbons have been put up throughout campus to mark areas that have been possible through donations, and students at Benedictine University are seeing and appreciating the contributions of donors throughout campus.

“I think that putting the ribbons around campus is a good way to increase awareness about donor awareness month,” commented sophomore Harjot Sangha. “I am very thankful to all our donors. Their donations are what make many scholarships and opportunities readily available to students.”

According to Stillo, in order to ensure the continued support of donors, it is important for students, faculty and staff to be aware and thankful of all that the donors do to support BenU.

“Our goal is for students to be aware of where their educational financing comes from and to say thank you to those donors who support them,” she shared.

Donor awareness month starts with Tuition Freedom Day, which, according to Stillo, “marks the point in the semester where student’s tuition dollars would stop covering the cost of their education and donors pick up the rest.” During Tuition Freedom Day, the Office of Stewardship Development sets up posters in Kindlon and Krasa for students to sign and write notes to donors. 

The month ends with the Scholars Brunch. During the brunch, the posters signed by students during Tuition Freedom Day are displayed, and scholarship recipients, donors and founders come together. This year, the brunch will be held in the Rice Center on Apr. 15.

“I feel that all students should take this week to dwell on all of the opportunities that have been made possible for them through the donations the university has received,” enthused Sangha. “Although we may not always express it, I think that all students are very thankful for everything that the donors have done for the university and made possible for us.”