Coming together to unite and demand justice around the entire world

Social media has shown its ability to call attention to injustice and causes around the world.

by Harjot Sangha


Social media is being blown up by causes, and just like anything else, there are always two sides to the story. I am not here to convince you to support a specific stance or do this or that. My only advice to you is to get informed! You may feel that the Kony 2012 movement, Syrian revolution, the death of Trayvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi don’t have an impact on you, but that’s not true.

All of these cases breach basic human rights and we must remember that as global citizens it is our responsibility to be informed, spread the word and do what we can to help.

How can we ignore the cries of children who are being forced to join a child army? How can we pretend that thousands are not dying in Syria? How can we disregard a community of people that have come together to seek justice for a teenage boy that lost his life to one man’s ignorance? How can we overlook that five children lost their mother in a potential act of hatred targeting Muslims?

We must remember the wise words of Martin Luther King Junior in his letter from a Birmingham jail, “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.”

Technological advances and social media are the mark of this century and they have the power to shape and influence even the most unimaginable of things. For once, what I say on my Facebook page has the potential to be read by people across the globe. It is our time to use technology to our advantage.

We are all HUMAN! Forget whether you are American, African, Asian, red, purple or blue. It all comes down to us being human and being occupants of the same planet. Keeping that in mind and by following the words of MLK, we should become aware and work in a way to change the course of history by using our knowledge to break barriers and make necessary changes.

We can do this, and the first step is being aware! I advise all of you to pick up a newspaper or read trending articles on Facebook that go beyond what the Kardashians are up to. We have the power to ensure that humans are entitled their basic human rights and have the opportunity to live with dignity. This is our chance to stand for justice.