BenU library implements new online interlibrary loan tool

by Stacy De Leon


To aid students in retrieving articles and books from outside libraries, BenU implemented the online tool, called ILLiad, last month. The program is designed to help students and faculty members efficiently track their article and book shipments.

Prior to ILLiad, students would receive an email confirmation once they made a request for an article or a book. Now with the use of the internet tool, students will receive a confirmation email and will be also able to track their orders through ILLiad.

“Before ILLiad, you wouldn’t know if the order was processed and you wouldn’t know if it has even been received.,” shared Interlibrary Loan Coordinator Diane Madrid. “The shipment can go through five different libraries. With ILLiad, it will show the date and when the shipment was made for the book.”

There is no limit as to how many requests a student or faculty member can make, and the tool is free of charge.

To access ILLiad, students can go to the BenU website,, then go to current students and click Library. On the left hand side, there is an option to click Library Services. Then, users can click the Interlibrary Loan link, which will lead to the ILLiad login page.

ILLiad can also be accessed by visiting For first time users, the login page will assist in creating a login name and password.

“I think the new system is more helpful to students because we see where the orders are at,” shared junior Jeff Bernstein. “I think it’s more comforting to know where they are located during crunch time.”

Students are not the only ones using ILLiad as a source.

“I am getting a lot of requests from faculty members” commented Madrid. “I am also finding that through ILLiad, the orders are a faster.

Madrid says that ILLiad is one way to access outside resources. Another alternative is I-Share, which is another database that allows students order books or articles.

“Also through the library’s website, you click on Books and it points you to I-Share,” explained Madrid. “Once that account has also been created and you find the book you want, it tells you to click on the ‘Request This Book’ link.”

I-Share also makes it convenient for students to obtain their sources.

“You can pick a book you want and if you live closer to Dominican or DePaul or wherever, you can choose what library to pick it up at so that you don’t have to drive all the way here if you live far,” Madrid added.