By Rohaina Hassan

Staff Writer

As an eternally classic piece, the little black dress will always be a staple in any woman’s closet. There have been many variations on this style, but since the weather is beautiful, showing a little skin should be a focus.

This type of style is versatile and alterable for any occasion. There are two main extensions of this dress: the backless and the plunging backless. The backless dress is a little more on the conservative side, whereas the plunging backless plays with the flirtatious side.

When trying to pull off the simpler backless dress, it’s important to keep the focus on the cut rather than other parts of the outfit. In order to accomplish this, hair should be in either of the following styles: a low chignon bun to the side, loose waves pulled to the side, or a high pony-tail. For the plunging cut, you can mess with your hair down because there is more room for the dress to show off its design. Depending on your occasion you can do loose ringlets or just let it flow natural.

This is perfect for summertime parties and higher end events. For more casual events, opt for light colors such as white, beige, salmon, and if you’re feeling risky, try sunshine yellow. On the other spectrum, take out the darker colors such as black, red and navy for the more important nights.