Mental Health First Aid Class

by  Rabia Choudhry

Staff Writer

BenU is offering a new class called Mental Health First Aid to help the students learn what to do in mental health crisis. The one-credit course will be held every Wednesday from 6:30-9:30p.m. for five weeks.

Beginning on April 4, the course is open to all freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students.

The mental health first aid training students will receive during the course will allow them to provide initial help to someone showing signs of mental illness until a professional can assist them.

The course will cover topics such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, substance abuse and eating disorders. Discussing these topics will teach students the skills they need to help someone with mental health issues. The Mental Health First Aid course will use role playing and simulations to help the students learn how to approach mental health crises and provide initial help.

“The course will help the students in every possible way. It will be a good resume builder and most importantly will enable the students to work for the good will of the community and will provide a way to give back to their community,” said Associate Vice President for Student Life Marco Masini.

Dr. Georgeen Polyak, assistant professor and masters of public health program coordinator proposed the concept of the course. The suggestion for the Mental Health First Aid course was put forth after well-received responses from mental health crisis workshops and presentations that were held first semester.