From the Sidelines: 3-14

by Luke Stanczyk (Sports Editor), John Pierri (Staff Writer), and Tom Brown (Staff Writer)

1. Who will win the NCAA Tournament?

Tom Brown- Staff Writer- I think Kentucky will win the tournament. They have too many ways to beat you on the offensive side, and they are not too shabby defensively either.

John Pierri- Staff Writer- Considering my lack of college basketball expertise, I’m going to pick a top seed to win it all. I’m going with Syracuse.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Writer- I’m going to go with somewhat of a darkhorse here and take Kansas over Kentucky. Bill Self will best John Calapari in the title game just like he did in 2008, when Calipari was at Memphis.

2. Can the Bulls beat the Heat with Luol Deng not at 100 percent?

Tom- I do not think the Bulls can beat Miami if Deng isn’t 100 percent. He would be one of the people responsible for slowing down Lebron, and that is hard enough if you are 100 percent, and impossible if you aren’t.

John- I’m having difficulty believing that the Bulls can beat the Heat with a healthy Deng let alone an injured one.

Luke- Deng is a competitor and plays better hurt than most NBA players, but for them to beat the Heat, he needs to play his best basketball. It’s hard for anyone to do that when they are not at 100 percent.

3. Should the Bulls make a move before the Mar. 15 trade deadline?

Tom- I don’t think the Bulls need to make a deal before the deadline. They are already at the top of the East. Now, all they need to do is get healthy before the playoffs.

John- Other than Dwight Howard, I don’t believe there is anyone available that’s worth making a trade for.

Luke- They probably do need some help in some areas to get past Miami, but there is just nothing out there right now that can help them and that they can afford. Their best bet is to just roll with who they have.