Benedictine hosts Founders Bash

By Rabia Choudhry


Students and staff celebrated Benedictine’s 125th anniversary on March 1 in the Kindlon atrium.  With a special ceremony, attendees also participated in a trivia game and helped themselves to snacks and anniversary cake.

“In the honor of Benedictine University every year, we come up with these questions regarding the history and tradition of the University to spread the awareness among the people,” said Jessica Stillo, associate director for stewardship.

Students and faculty both participated in the trivia event, in which they had to answer a question related to the tradition, history and background of Benedictine University.

Students were actively participating and answering the questions.  “Since I am a freshman, I know very little about the history of our University and this event helped me increase that knowledge and gave a fun fact for the day,” commented Sarah Mustlay.

Zoya Zamir, a senior student at Benedictine University shared her thoughts on the event.  “I have had the best time of my life at Benedictine University.  I have discovered myself here and I feel like a better person.  I have never seen this much diversity anywhere and the unique thing is that I didn’t have to try hard to fit in.”

“I enjoyed participating in the trivia questions and overall felt very good about the opportunities that the university is providing towards our education.  I also felt very proud of my decision of coming to Benedictine University for undergraduate studies,” added freshman Tasneem Naqvi.

Many feel that the event was successful in raising awareness about the school among the students and faculty.

“This was a great learning experience for the students to know about their university and I was very surprised to see how much the students already knew,” said Meagan Daniel, chief grants officer.