Renovations begin on Neff Alumni Welcome Center

Kiran Munir



Heavy construction started on the farmhouse, located on the east side of campus, last week. The building will be transformed into a new alumni welcome center.

“The Neff Alumni Welcome Center will demonstrate our welcoming spirit by revitalizing this campus landmark. The Neff Center will serve the entire Benedictine Community – welcoming alumni, friends and parents,” said Chad Treisch, executive director of Campus Planning, Design and Construction Management.

There will be changes to the flow of traffic due to construction.

“The inner campus road [between Lownik and Scholl] will become one way only to facilitate southbound traffic and no right turn will be allowed to incoming main entrance,” said Deputy Chief of Police Paul Creekmore.

Traffic from Neuzil, Lownik, Scholl and the Rice Center will be able to exit using the University’s main entrance on College Road. Traffic to these areas will not be allowed from the main entrance.

Due to the traffic rerouting, all visitors, students, faculty and staff must use the two entrances north of the main entrance to access the Lownik, Scholl and Rice Center parking lots, Treisch stated in the Construction Alert.

Some students are revealing their uncertainty about how the new center will serve the alumni.

“I do not know why the [University] is constructing this center and I do not want the two houses currently present to be demolished,” sophomore Amreen Barde explained.

Other members of the community are looking forward to the changes.

“It is exciting to be a part of a project with such a historical campus impact that will offer a home to welcome past, current, and future students,” added Treisch. “As the community is inconvenienced around the construction site, it is my hope that the end result will be the lasting memory.”

University Police urges to please use extreme caution when entering and exiting campus and crossing traffic on College Road and Maple Avenues. Those traveling on the inner campus road are also reminded to be alert at all times.

Any questions should be directed to University Police at extension 6122 or Campus Planning at extension 6449.