Online dating: the new norm?

Online dating provides a method where singles can view profiles and chat.

By Kiran Munir


The Internet phenomenon has not only revolutionized international business, but has also brought a twist into the love lives of many people.

Besides social sites that are used to keep in touch with old and distant loved ones, many websites are specifically designed to make it easier for singles to find other singles.  Sites like and eHarmony are some of the most widely used dating sites online.  Both of these sites ask a minefield of questions in order to compose your profile. Furthermore, sites like these two require a monthly membership fee and generally cater the middle age individuals looking for stable relationships.

Until recently, online dating was perceived only for middle-aged people because they did not really have time to go find a match via outings.  In fact, if a person was under 30 and using an online dating service to find the “significant other,” something had to be wrong. Think about it, an average person under 30 meets up with friends at least once a week to go have fun, how could an online dating be of any help to them?

However, in this era when younger adults live in metropolitan areas, using a dating service helps people branch out and meet other people.  In order to better cater to this age group, websites like OkCupid and Plenty of Fish have been launched.  Unlike the two sites mentioned earlier, these websites target the younger generation and are more relaxed, tech-savvy and free.

This generation of currently 20-something has grown up with the internet. Of course, it is natural to turn to the Internet to find a date.  The process skips the whole going to a bar and having to meet people in hopes that one will lead to a serious relationship.

While these sites are utilized by some, majority of the young adults still refrain from using the web to find a date.  Even though many individuals claim to not use online services to find a suitable match, studies have shown that users of Facebook and other like social media sites are used to find attractable individuals of the opposite sex.  For example, users often surf through their friends’ friend lists, whether they like to admit it or not, looking for a suitable match.

As with most facets of life, the Internet has transformed the meaning of dating for the generation of 20-some year-olds. Dating has departed from the traditional courtship to marriage; instead, dating has become more casual and uncommitted.  After all, it is a lot easier to be dumped via an email versus a face-to-face confrontation.

This new generation has longer education and professional goals, which is why refraining from long-term committed relationships has become a norm and opened the door to explore casual dating through the internet.

Online dating sites may be helpful for some to initially find a partner of interest. If the relationship does not build on face to face meetings, it will fail.  A person can compose the profile however they desire, whether it be true or false.  Believing everything about the person by solely reading the online profile is a big mistake.

As with all positives and negatives with the other internet content, online dating is no different.  Online dating can save one a lot of time and effort, but don’t believe everything without actually meeting someone face to face.