From the Sidelines: 3-7-2012

1. Is Duke-North Carolina basketball the best rivalry in sports?

Tom Brown- Staff Writer– As much as I love the Duke-UNC rivalry, I think the best rivalry in sports is Yankees-Red Sox.

John Pierri- Staff Writer-I’m partial to the Cubs-Sox and Bears-Packers rivalries, but that’s just me.

Luke Stanczyk- Staff Writer– Yes, I believe so. Bears-Packers, Yankees-Red Sox, Hawks-Red Wings and Ohio State-Michigan football are all great, but no rivalry has been more even and is more intense then the Blue Devils and the Tar Heels.



2. How much should the Saints get punished for “bounty gate”?

Tom– I think that the league should be very strict in how they punish the Saints. I think not only fines and suspensions, but also loss of Draft picks would do the trick.

John– I think fines should definitely be in order for the defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, as well as the players involved.

Luke– Gregg Williams, the defensive coordinator who implemented the “pay for knockouts” system, should get suspended for a year, and the Saints and Redskins (he had the same system in place when he coached there too) should forfeit their first round picks for the next two drafts.



3. Will Matt Forte get a long-term deal before training camp?

Tom– I do not think that the Bears are going to give Matt Forte a long-term contract before camp starts. They have shown that they are reluctant to give it to him, and I think that reluctance will continue.

John– Forte is definitely getting a deal. He deserves it, and the Bears have made it clear that the franchise tag is just to buy them time.

Luke– Yes. The Bears applied the franchise tag on Forte to give both sides more time to make a deal without the risk of losing him to another team. They did NOT apply the tag to be stingy, which some Bears fans actually believe. You guys are driving me crazy…