Chicago’s Saint Patrick’s Day festivities

By Tarik Hrvo


As March kicks off, there are finally some things we can look forward to. It is exciting knowing that nicer weather is on the way, as well as a week off of classes for spring break. Although these are great, the most prominent event in March is Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s right around the corner, and Chicago is one of the best places to celebrate. Here are some ways to spend St. Patrick’s Day this year.

  1. Dyeing of the Chicago River:  Ever since the 1960’s, it has been tradition in Chicago for the Chicago River to be dyed Kelly Green. People gather to watch this event and see the surreal look of the river once it is turned all green. This is an ideal event to attend with a significant other, friend or family, and it usually happens right before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. For the best view of this event, head to the east side of Michigan Ave.
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Parade: This event, which is located at the Buckingham Fountain Viewing Stand, occurs annually and is always a crowd pleaser. Floats, bagpipes, dancers and bands are all present in this cheerful event. The parade will start at Balbo and Columbus and finish at Monroe and Columbus. For those that hate crowds, the event will be televised on ABC 7. Again, this is a great place to bring family members, friends or your loved one.
  3. St. Patrick’s Festival: After the parade, there will be a St. Patrick’s festival at the Irish-American Heritage Center welcome for anyone wishing to celebrate. This festival will have traditional and contemporary Irish dance, music, food and activities for children. Bands like the Sullivan Brothers and the Dooly Brothers will be playing this year.
  4. Bulls game: Head to the United Center this St Patrick’s Day to watch the Bulls put on the Celtic-like green jerseys and face off against the Philadelphia 76ers. From someone that has gone to multiple Bulls games, I would highly recommend spending this day at the game. Besides, what’s better to do on this day then watch Derrick Rose dunk on somebody?
  5. Navy Pier firework show- Who doesn’t like fireworks? After going to the parade and/or festival, head to Navy Pier to end the night with an awesome 10 minute firework show on the Chicago lakefront.