The Candor

A Pointless Referendum

By Hashim Arain


 As violence continues, the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad has written a new constitution. The regime released a referendum on whether to implement the new constitution, which was voted on by the Syrian people. According to the Huffington Post, the main detail in this new constitution is that the new rules according to this constitution makes Assad’s party potentially in control for the next seven years.


According to Reuters, the Assad regime stated that voter turnout for the referendum was roughly 60%, but according to diplomats who toured polling stations, they saw a  “handful” of voters. The response to this new referendum by the international community has been met with criticism and dismay. The US and foreign leaders have criticized this new referendum, some foreign leaders and journalists have called it a “sham.”


What the Assad regime is clearly doing is trying to distract the rest of the world from the fact that this regime is killing its own people. This new constitution just reaffirms the fact that Assad’s political party wants to continue to be in power, considering the fact that they are harming their people now. This is clearly a foolish move by the Assad regime, and I agree with most of the international community that this new constitution is a disappointing move by this regime. This regime should stop killing its own people before it decides to draft a new constitution, especially one that is granting more power to them.


What’s worse is that Assad lied to his own people and the rest of the world once again by claiming that voter turnout for the referendum on the new constitution was high when actually it was very low. I wonder what makes Assad say these types of things in public while lying to his country and the rest of the world.


I believe that most of the Syrian people, without question,  all disagree with the fact that this referendum says that the political party of Bashar Al Assad would most likely rule for a while with the referendum already have been approved. It is up to the Syrian people to make sure that does not happen, and they have to find a way to get this horrendous dictator out of power. The referendum only gives Assad an advantage, and the Syrian people have to keep on fighting through the hardship and pain in order to achieve freedom. This new constitution does nothing to help anyone, and it only makes matters worse. Assad was foolish enough to think that the people of Syria would approve the new constitution.


The Syrian people realize that Assad is playing mind games with them, and they are not taking his nonsense anymore. The international community is also distraught with Assad. This truly was a disastrous move by the Assad regime.