Town hall meeting is great step towards open communication

Editorial Board: Samantha Jones | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & Eman Sahloul | PERSPECTIVES EDITOR


After the publication of the last print issue of the Candor, many students expressed their concern over the rapidly approaching changes for Benedictine’s library.

A rush of concern, frustration and confusion seemed to reverberate around campus, and students were looking for answers. They decided to take the initiative in expressing their feelings to others by posting fliers and speaking with leaders on campus. Their admirable actions resulted in a town hall meeting last Thursday night.

We at the Candor share many of the same concerns as other students.

From losing library space, study rooms, tables and computers to the dungeon-like basement alternative we may be subjected to, it’s apparent that finding a decent place to study will be no simple feat next semester- an idea not appealing to anyone. The library itself is already very limited in space (have you ever tried getting a study room the week before an Organic Chemistry exam? Impossible!).

We have been told that the dimensions of the library will not change much, but the thought of trying to study in the basement, without the beautiful windows, is quite upsetting.

Although Marco Masini stated, during the Town Hall meeting on Thursday, that the library changes were all part of a larger plan in store for BenU, the idea still remains hard to swallow.

Having a meeting for students to voice their suggestions and concerns about campus issues was a great experience for those involved. We applaud the efforts of students, Student Senate and Marco Masini for coming together in a constructive manner.

Rumors and divisions are created in a community when there is a lack of open dialogue between everyone. This is why frequent open forums like this town meeting are imperative. We agree with students who believe that the next step is to meet with executive officials on campus.

We hope that more meetings like this will be held in the future and that students will be able to get direct answers to their questions. Students’ opinions should be considered when decisions are made, and we deserve to know about changes to our campus.

Benedictine University is a part of who we are, whether we like it or not, so it is essential that everyone take a stand in continuing to improve BenU. Keep paying attention, asking questions and living as engaged members of the Benedictine community.

Continue speaking out and sharing your feedback with the Candor and other organizations on campus.

We’d love to know your thoughts about the upcoming changes to the library. Send your opinions to