Table stolen from student lounge

Students use lounge facility as a place to catch up on studies or relax with friends. Photo by Sarah Jaber.

By Claire Kositzky

Two weeks ago, Director of Student Engagement   and Leadership Development Joan Henehan was made aware of a missing table in the Student Lounge. Located on the second floor of Kindlon Hall of Learning, the Student Lounge is a place for students to study or gather with friends.

Henehan decided to file a police report after contacting housekeeping and campus services.

“I don’t know what happened to it,” said Caitlin Bettisworth, a Student Senator and frequent visitor to the Student Lounge. “There are a couple of options that people think happened. It could just be that maintenance took it to repair it, it could be that the table got moved and we can’t find it; or it can be that someone stole it from the lounge.”

Furniture has been missing from the lounge on previous occasions, but was later returned.

“A lot of students noticed [furniture was] missing, but none of us really knew exactly when or what happened to [it],” added Bettisworth. “I noticed last week, but [some] people remembered not seeing [the furniture] before last semester ended.”

According to Henehan, furniture is not allowed to be removed from the lounge. However, sometime last semester, Benedictine University Police returned chairs that were misplaced from the lounge. The chairs had been moved from the lounge to another room in Kindlon.

“Student Senate fundraised and got a donor to help raise the money to purchase the furniture,” said Henehan.

According to Henehan, Student Senate proposed the idea of a student lounge last year. The lounge was to give students as a social space.

“It gives the students place to hang out and I think the best way to take care of it is for students to treat it respectfully and expect the same from their peers,” Henehan added.

Henehan believes that it is the responsibility of students to monitor the activities of the student lounge.

“Students have to be monitoring other students. That furniture was purchased by students for students,” said Henehan.