Spring Break service trip opportunities

by Claire Kositzky


Benedictine University will be offering service trips for all students during this year’s Spring Break. Students will be able to travel to Nazareth Farms in West Virginia with Campus Ministry to experience an alternative break.

“Four students will be attending the service trip, along with myself, from the Lisle campus,” explained Pastoral Associate for Outreach Justin Thirstrup. “Another four students from the Springfield campus along with Father Steven Janoski will also be attending the trip to Nazareth Farms with us.”

The group will leave early Sunday, Mar. 18 at 8 a.m. and return on March 24. The total cost of the trip is $175.00.

“I decided to go on the mission trip to Nazareth Farm as a way to challenge myself this Lenten season,” said freshman Phil Kloc. “Not only will I be giving up my Spring Break for service, but I will also be doing it in a community that I’m unfamiliar with and in living conditions that I’m not used to.”

Those attending the trip say they have high goals.

“I hope that the trip will strengthen me in my Catholic faith and help give me a greater appreciation for the value of selfless service to a community,” added Kloc.

“I am very excited for the service mission trip over Spring Break,” enthused freshman Johanne Jeudy. “I think it is an awesome way to spend my break making a family or someone else happy for helping them. Helping others is one of my favorite things to do. I just can’t wait to go.”

To sign up for either of these trips, go online to