The Candor

Letter to Editor

Good evening,

I do not write to editors very often, but I feel that a grievous error was made in the publishing of the article in today’s edition of The Candor about the student who was arrested for solicitation of sex.

I was appalled at the placement of this article (the top entry of the issue), that an disproportionately large photo of the student was posted at the top of the article, and that the tone of the article was so biased that this young man has effectively been convicted by this newspaper.  The placement and design of this article has put The Candor in the same category as the rags at the supermarket checkout counter.

Benedictine University is a Catholic institution.  There is a long tradition of justice in the Catholic Church, and justice demands that we help our brothers and sisters, not ruin their lives with gossip or use their failings to promote sensationalism or for any other purpose.  This young man needs compassion and help: parading his failures and shortcomings in front of the entire university population does not do this.  On the contrary, this article seals his fate, probably for life.

In the interest of justice and compassion, I respectfully request that this article be completely removed from the paper, the blog, and any other online presence.  Further, I request that an apology be published in a tactful way and that editorial policy, content, and layout be reviewed.

Robert Rebman, MBA, CPA