From the sidelines: 2-29-2012

1. Should Derrick Rose have played in the All-Star game given his recent injuries?

Tom Brown- Staff Writer-I think that Rose should have skipped the all star game, his health has been a concern all season and risking injury in a pickup game like this wouldn’t be smart.

John Pierri- Staff Writer– I think it was important for Rose to make an appearance because after all, he earned his spot. But it was good that he had limited playing time due to his back troubles.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor– If he’s good to go, he’s good to go. Tom Thibodeau did a good job of limiting his minutes anyway, as he was not on the floor in the final seconds. I was OK with it.


2. Is the injuries to Jonathan Towes a big deal for the Blackhawks?

Tom– I think the Towes injury is a big deal. Not only is he one of their best players, he also brings a key leadership role that cannot be replaced.

John– Any time that the Captain does not spend on the ice is troubling. He is the back bone of the Blackhawks, and you can tell by their power play troubles that they are missing that spark.

Luke– The injuries sound like they are minor, but you never know when things can linger on. If I was a big Blackhawks fan, I would be at least a bit concerned.


3. Is Ryan Braun innocent or guilty?

Tom– I think that Ryan Braun is guilty no matter what his appeal states. He obviously took something that was banned, and he should not have gotten off with nothing.

John-I think Braun got off on a technicality, but I may just be biased as a Cubs fan. He got lucky he found such a fortunate loophole.

Luke– Well, you have to believe what the system ruled, but the MLB needs to re-evaluate the system for drug testing. I’m just glad Braun didn’t use the Flinstone Vitamins excuse Sammy Sosa tried.