Leap year: just another day

By Andreana Holowatyj


2012 came with a lot of scrutiny as it was looked at as possibly being the year in which the year ends according to the Mayan calendar. But there’s a finite reason that it’s special; it’s a leap year!

For those who are not familiar with what a leap year is, check out the facts:

-It occurs on February 29th every four years.

-It’s an intriguing romantic comedy movie that follows Irish tradition.

-It makes the “Seasons of Love” lyrics inaccurate. (“525,600 minutes – how do you measure, measure a year?)

-Even when the extra day is included, February is still the shortest month.

-Unfortunately, it does not count as a holiday.

-People born on this day only have an official birthday once every four years!

What else is there to say? What makes this one day attract more attention than others? So once every four years comes this unique opportunity to have an extra day; where there are 366 times you wish you got to sleep in during the year as opposed to the usual 365.

Regardless of background, boring facts, or tradition, there is one thing all can agree upon. It’s an extra day that in precisely one week will be spent in stressful study sessions, preparing for daunting presentations, sleeping through loud and piercing morning alarms and doing routine tasks. The day will come and pass, without second thought to the extra time it takes for the Earth to spin on its axis in space.

So much like the Earth, turn around a bit and look at this day from an alternative perspective. It’s an extra day in the year to do something new and different, something out of the ordinary and not routine. People should utilize this extra day in many ways such as: by exercising and staying active in order to keep up with New Year’s Resolutions, going shopping just because it’s enjoyable or even by pulling a funny roommate prank before April Fool’s Day for a hilarious laugh!

Make it a day to remember. The chance only comes once every four years. So the real question is why not do something new?


Comic drawn by Ana Koulouris.