Dannon scholarship opportunity for graduate students studying probiotics

By: Claire Kositzky



The Dannon Company is sponsoring a scholarship for incoming and current graduate students. The scholarship is worth up to $25,000, which is equal to one year of free tuition. The student that receives the scholarship will also have an opportunity to go on a free trip to France to research probiotics, nutrition and human physiology.

While in France, the students will work alongside leading experts and international researchers at the Dannon Research Center in Palaiseau.

“As a company leading the way in probiotic research and education, Dannon hopes to instill the same enthusiasm we have for probiotics in the next generation of scientists,” shared Dr. Miguel Freitas, director of Health Affairs at The Dannon Company.

“For students who are planning to further their education in probiotics, this is an exciting opportunity to not only receive educational support, but also have access to some of the leading minds in this area,” said Account Executive Lauren Grunstein.

To qualify for the scholarship, students must be enrolled in or applying to graduate school with a focus in probiotics. Applicants must also be at least 18 years old and are required to use the money at a credible American university for the fall 2012 school year.

In addition to the application, students must also write an essay and have two letters of recommendations from professors. Proof of high-quality academic standing is also required.

“The study of probiotics is one of the most exciting and rapidly emerging areas of scientific exploration,” said Freitas.

Students can apply for this scholarship by visiting Applications are being accepted until March 31.