Unique Personalities: Personaliscope

by Kiran Munir

        Everyone has seen and read horoscopes. Whether people truly believe in them or take them as a joke depends on the person. Therefore the following article should be taken seriously at each person’s own will. The following are various personality types; take a look and find yourself!

Serious and Conservative– People belonging to this division tend to be quiet, reserved and interested in maintaining the traditional ways.  These individuals are very hard-working, dependable, respectful and they work steadily to reach their goals. They usually keep to themselves, which is why they are successful in achieving their goals.

Reham Mohamed enjoys sitting and studying with others rather than quite study. Photo by Sarah Jaber.

Serious, but Sensitive– Although these individuals are serious, they are social in a reserved manner. People exhibiting this personality tend to put others’ needs above their own and maintain loyalty under even the most stressful conditions.  They also typically refrain from conflict and try to establish harmony, enjoying each and every moment. While they do care about what others feel, they have a very strong aesthetic appeal and mind to generate creative ideas.

Independent and Idealistic– These people are laid back, easy-going and quick-witted all at the same time.  Along with prioritizing competency, intellect and structure, they usually set a high bar of performance for themselves and others’ performance.  The idealists tend to be genuine leaders and try to help others at all costs.

Amiable and Friend Loving– They make things more fun for others thanks to their great people skills.  They have the innate talent of being the center-of-attention. Their main motto is “right here, right now” and they live to savor the moment.

Warm-hearted and Sensitive– These individuals tend to need constant positive-reinforcement to feel confident. Along with feeling a strong sense of responsibility and duty they put others’ needs above themselves because they see everything from a human angle not analytically. They are very successful in leading group discussions. Additionally, they dislike being alone and constantly want to be in the company of someone.

Enthusiastic and Creative– These people are open-minded, flexible and extremely innovative.  They are excited by new ideas but bored with details and tend to live life according to their inner values. They tend to be outspoken and assertive and enjoy being with people and stimulating.  Excellence in understanding and grasping abstract logic and concepts is also common.

Assertive and Action-Oriented– These individuals like to get things done fast without putting much thought to the decision, because they have little patience for inefficiency.  They are intelligent, well-informed and excel at public speaking; they have a genuine interest to lead the public.  The action-oriented are excellent at understanding complex organizational problem and creating concrete solutions.