T’N’C Advice

Dear T’n’C,

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I do not have a Valentine this year. I do not want to be alone on this special day that is dedicated to spending time together with the person you love. What should I do?

Lonely Valentine

Dear Lonely Valentine,

Valentine’s Day is to spend with the people that you love, which includes family and friends. You do not have to be alone. Surround yourself with your friends at school. You can go to the movies, go out to eat, go to the Krasa Valentine’s dinner, have a movie night or dance party. Do not worry because the day can be full of surprises. I would try not to stress out about it too much because it is one day of the year and it is a commercial holiday. People tend to make it a bigger deal than it actually is. Just try to enjoy yourself, eat a lot of chocolate, and just enjoy all the hearts in your life.



Dear T’n’C,

My girlfriend and I did not have a good Valentine’s Day. We have been dating for a few months and were really looking forward to the day of love. However, the day of love turned into the day of disaster. We ended up fighting and it just didn’t turn out as well as planned. What should I do?

Valentine’s Day Disaster

Dear Valentine’s Day Disaster,

I am sorry to hear about your Valentine’s Day. However, bumps in the road in relationships happen. Unfortunately, it just had to happen on Valentine’s Day. I would try and make it up to her. Take her out to a nice dinner, remind her how much you do care for her, and how sorry you are. Everything will be fine and work itself out. Good luck! Remember, if you two really love each other, then every day is Valentine’s Day.