The Candor

From the sideline: 2-15-2012

Where is the panic meter at for the Blackhawks?
Luke: I would put it at an eight right now. Every night, I hear about another bad defensive game. Defense wins championships.

John: Seven. They haven’t lost this many games in a row since 2007 and need to get back on home ice and back on track.

Tom: I think that the panic for the Blackhawks is at a six. They need to get it together so they can make a playoff run.

What do you think about Luol Deng’s All-Star bid?
Luke: It is awesome to see someone overcome all the criticism he has had in his career. He is the best defender on the best defensive team in the league. Hard to argue that he doesn’t deserve the nod.

John: Deng is a great supporting cast member on the Bulls. He helps carry some of the load for D-Rose, and he deserves the bid.

Tom: I think Luol Deng is one of the most deserving all-stars. He missed a few games with an injury, but he came back and was still one of the most effective players in the game. He is as steady as a rock for his team.

Is Jeremy Lin for real?
Luke: He is not perfect (see his turnover numbers), but he is definitely a good player. New York needs a true point guard, and he’s it.

John: “Lin-sanity” is just like “Tebow Time”. Eventually the hype will die down, but I think he is a talented player and hard worker. Lin should continue having success.

Tom: Yes. He had 38 points against the Lakers Friday and was giving Kobe fits. There aren’t many people out there who can do that. He does have to work on keeping his turnovers down, but with more game experience, that will come.