Alumni Relations Board hosts Get Connected Events as an advantage for students

By Aaron Yougblood


        Once a month, the Alumni Relations board hosts the Get Connected Networking Series. Intended to help the process of seeking employment after completing a degree program, the Alumni Relations board invites distinguished alumni to be featured at each event.

The series became an initiative in May 2011 by Kavita Chopra, president of the Alumni Relations board.
Students are encouraged to actively work with alumni by asking questions about resumes, interviews and hidden job opportunities.
“It is an insider view that you don’t get when you are applying for a job,” said Chopra. “Here are people who are going to expose secrets on how to be successful in your job or career. It takes away the variables of concern that students may have about entering the work world.”

The Alumni Relations board works to ensure that alumni invited to present at the Get Connected events have diverse backgrounds that cover the different aspects of different majors.

“Students can now look forward to a more expansive array of alumni that come to speak,” said Chopra.

“This was one of my individual goals [as president]; to bring alumni back so that students can really hear, ask questions, get business cards and really get connected,” Chopra continued. “If you ever have questions, you have the direct email and contact of someone who is successful in the area you may be seeking.”

The next Get Connected event is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 28. This part of the series is focused on the College of Business, which features a lecture and discussion panel involving four alumni in various areas of business.