Last minute gifts for Valentine’s Day

By Nida Motan



Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it might not mean a lot to many people, but it sure does mean a lot to your girlfriends! Yes guys, they are expecting some emotion and thought this holiday! Expections include romance; take them out and buy them a cute gift. Overwhelmed? It’s okay; here are a few options for your Valentine’s Day.

There’s always that perfect way to start off the day by surprising your girl with flowers. It’ll have her smiling all day. The night of Valentine’s Day, be sure to take her out to a nice restaurant. Restaurants in the city are always impressive. Just putting in the effort to make them happy by taking them out is a job well done.

Some girls would be content with a box of chocolates, which is a wonderful gift on Valentine’s Day, or any day in general. But some ladies might want something of higher quality. A boyfriend can never go wrong with jewelry! Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are all thoughtful gifts that any woman would love. Spa gifts are something else that should be looked into. What girl wouldn’t want to be pampered with a nice spa package? Perfumes and bath items could also score you major points. If there’s a need for creativity, making a nice gift basket filled with things that are meaningful to her is an awesome idea. Or try a romantic coupon book. These are creative and handmade items that are much more sentimental than any other gift.

Girls, it’s known that shopping for men could be a little harder. There’s always that obvious route of buying your special someone a new cologne or a watch. They would definitely appreciate some new “kicks”. Any sport’s gear would make a perfect gift and surprising them with Bulls tickets would probably make their life. You can surprise them with tickets to a concert (J. Cole is coming in concert to Chicago soon). Jeans such as Rocks, Sevens, or True’s would be a generous gift.

Valentine’s Day is creeping up. It’s never too late to impress your loved one by getting them something special that they will cherish and making this a Valentine’s Day to remember. Good luck to you all! And to the single ladies out there- don’t worry, chocolate will be on sale February 15!