Programming Board provides a ‘treat’ for students

By Claire Kositzky


Mariyium Abba gets ready to use the chocolate fountain at the Chocolate Party hosted by the programming Board in the Coal ben. Photo by Sarah Jaber.

Last Thursday, Programming Board hosted a delicious Chocolate Party in Coal Ben, which allowed students to pick out a chocolate treat. Many sweets such as brownies, candy, cookies, ice cream and fondue were available for students to indulge in.

Students that attended the Chocolate Party had the opportunity to fondue fruit, marshmallows and pretzels.

The idea to have the party came from the 2010 Adam Sandler movie, “Grown Ups.”

“There is a quote from the movie that says ‘I want to get chocolate wasted,’ said Veronica Stout, Programming Board member.  “We all thought that having a chocolate party would be a fun idea!”

The weather is also somewhat gloomy so we figured why not have a chocolate party? Chocolate can make anyone feel happy!” Stout continued to say.

All of the chocolate food that was served at the event was donated from local restaurants, bought by members of the Programming Board or provided by Frank in food services.

“There was so much chocolate to choose from, I did not know what to pick. There were lots of options. I enjoyed going to Coal Ben and snacking on some chocolate with all my friends. It was a great snack,” commented freshman Meghan Novak.

To promote the event, Programming Board members posted signs and posters in campus buildings and dorms, informing the students about the Chocolate Party.

“The event was a great success.  It was awesome to see everyone come out and hang out in the Coal Ben,” said Lauren Zednick, Programming Board member.