By Sarah Jaber


Today, I took my little sister to the store to pick out any toy she wanted. We went through endless aisles of dolls, talking Doras, dress up games, singing microphones, etc. Even I found myself distracted and curious. I tried suggesting ones for her to take, but she had this interesting look of determination in her eyes. It was until she found a Repunzel doll that she yelled, “that one!” After the doll was in her hands, it seemed like nothing around her mattered anymore. Here we were in this colorful maze of toys, yet it was like she became blinded to anything that was not what she had in her hands: the thing that made her happy. She focused on what she was looking for from the start, and then she told me, “let’s go home”. To me, that taught me a valuable lesson. Sometimes life is filled with things that we want and things that tempt us, but we must keep our eyes on the true prize: the thing that will make us truly happy in the end. We have to grab it and never let go. We have to take it home, and that thing is Faith.