Healthy Table Program provides awareness for the BenU community

By Therese Porod


Healthy Table is a program taking place in hopes of bringing nutritional living and education for students and staff members. The program is offered to show the community, the importance of maintaining healthy habits and how to go about it.

“Healthy Table provides professional quality nutrition education and counseling to the members of the Benedictine University community on an individual and group basis in an effort to promote nutritional care as an integral part of health maintenance,” stated Emily Rasche, BenU Healthy Table consultant.

The Healthy Table office is located in Birck 230 and is open for walk-ins on Mondays and Wednesdays, but only takes appointments on Fridays.

These nutritional services are available for anyone living in DuPage County of Illinois. This includes any member of Benedictine University, Abbey or Sacred Heart communities, Benet Academy members or those who are insured with Medicaid or Medicare.

Healthy Table provides several services such as nutrition counseling, health screening, dietary assessments, group presentations and health and nutrition fairs. Students think this program will benefit its users.

“After hearing about the Healthy Table program, I think this is a great way for people to learn about the importance of nutrition and health in general,” said freshman Kara Snowden.

“Staying healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is very important,” explained freshman Mailani Burton. “Being a two-sport athlete here at Benedictine, staying healthy and having a healthy diet are very significant. So for this reason, I think having this program will help others to know the importance of healthy living as well.”