By Rabia Choudhry


To help improve the health of the students, BenU has introduced a 12-week fitness program called the “Healthier U Contest”.  Now in its second week, the program creates a schedule that can help students acquire daily habits for a healthier lifestyle.

“There has been a big response to the program,” said Sarah Sinagoga, fitness center receptionist.  “People are learning a lot about how to read the body mass index (BMI), the importance of the body fat percentage and all sorts of things that they need to maintain a healthy life style on their own.”

The program has also arranged group exercise sessions to make the contest motivating and more fun for the participants.  Along with group exercise classes, participants can also take part in 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity and weight training sessions. Since consuming a healthy diet plays a large role in health, there is also free personalized nutritional counseling available to every participant.

Participants in the program are required to meet with their coaches at least three times during the 12-week period the contest is taking place.  They are also required to keep track of their points on the honor system and keep activity logs.  Prizes, such as gift cards, will be given to the winners of the contest.

“Since there are a lot of students who have signed up for the program, we are looking forward to keep continuing with the program,” said Regina Schurman, administrative program director. “I feel that this program is giving us a great opportunity to stay healthy while saving money, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this program.”