By Rohaina Hassan

In a little less than two weeks, each restaurant will be booked and all the chocolates sold out. Yes, the day has come… Valentine’s Day. Some might panic, but some might be overjoyed. Most of the time, the panic revolves around a simple dilemma: what to wear. Fear not, as here are three looks that will inspire and excite you for this upcoming holiday.

 If your ideal date is trekking through the forest, running around the city or discovering new areas, then this is for you. This look is for the adventurous types who enjoy “out of this world” kind of dates. A pair of comfortable and bold jeans with a light and comfy top is a guaranteed effortless outfit. Throw on a pair of black motorcycle boots or a black wedge bootie with statement jewelry that does not get in the way. A natural face and hairstyle is essential to execute. Since this look is simple and low maintenance, it is absolutely perfect for an adventurous date.

 Planning to go out to the best restaurant the city has to offer for the night of your life? Be sure to embody your inner fire with an accent colored dress and some lace tights to keep it interesting. Details are your best friend, so be sure to add on some gold bangles, a statement necklace, and a belt around the dress. Stash your lip gloss and cell phone in a leather clutch. Leather has been popping up on almost every runway, and this is a great way to test out the trend. Be sure to invest in a good pair of timeless black pumps because these can come handy not only on Valentine’s Day, but any other time. A loose up-do with some strands hanging loose or a full head of curls is the best way to accentuate the classiness of this outfit.

 This look is for the events that occur during the day, but still refer to the Valentine’s Day theme. Since spring is slowly creeping upon us, you can pair bold pastels with beiges and creams. This is mostly a day look, so it is important to keep accessories very light and low maintenance. Coral and turquoise were all over the S/S 2012 fashion shows, so here’s another way to just test out the trend in small doses. For this look, surfer style waves or a long ponytail and a neutral smoky eye are the best route.

Valentine’s Day’s origin dates back to 496 AD, but it truly became a romantic holiday through Geoffery Chaucer’s medieval concept of courtly love. The Middle Ages not only brought us this day, but also the quote “to wear your heart on your sleeve.” Men and women drew names from a bowl to find their valentine, and then wore it for an entire week for everyone to see ( So now, how does BU “wear its heart on its sleeve?”